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Reaching for Lasting Love


Let's set you off properly on your happily ever after

Interested in adding music to your ceremony? 

Interested in a wedding singer package?


You've no doubt spent oodles of time choosing the venue, debating over the guest list, selecting your cake, finding the perfect dress and deliberating over which flowers to have in your bouquet. Why not give the same level of care and attention to your ceremony?

All the intricate details of your big day are important, and your ceremony shouldn't be an afterthought. After all, it is the heart of your wedding day, the moment you declare your love and commitment to one another: the whole reason you're having a wedding in the first place!

It's your wedding, so do it however you want!

Why have a boring, impersonal and formal ceremony when you can have one full of love, joy and laughter - for both you and your guests! Whether your ideas are totally bonkers, or more traditional, I can help you carve out the perfect ceremony for your big day. The script I create with you will be totally unique - just like you - with highlights from your personal love story and any fun or heartfelt anecdotes that you'd like to incorporate. 

Disco Ball on Floor


Don't panic if you have no idea where to start, that's okay!

White music notes with a love heart on a green background

I have plenty of ideas to share with you, and we'll chat through all your options. I will help to create a cohesive structure, suggesting readings, songs/music, wedding unity rituals, and even helping with your personal vows (if you choose to do that).

As an independent celebrant, your wedding will not be legally-binding.

"Wait, WHAT?!", I hear you cry. Don't worry, this is totally normal in England and Wales. See how this could actually benefit you...

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Sheet Music
White music notes with a love heart on a pink background
White music notes with a love heart on a pink background
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Live music adds a magical touch to any ceremony. As The Musical Celebrant, I offer an OPTIONAL unique service that combines personalised wedding ceremonies with live singing. I am a skilled and experienced professional singer, having toured the UK and internationally in musicals. Whether you're into pop, rock, reggae, jazz, Disney, musical theatre, punk, folk... let the power of music enhance your special day. 

Have you always dreamt of having a live singer as you walk down the aisle, or during your ceremony?


Maybe you've asked a friend or family member to perform, but they're not feeling confident enough?

Rather than hire separate musicians or give up on your wishes, why not hire me to do both!


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No-obligation chat

Get in touch with any questions, however big or small. We can have a natter (on the phone, online or in person), you can share some of your plans and see if we vibe!



If you decide I'm the right fit for you (yay!) and our diaries sync up, get booking! There will be a booking fee and a contract to sign, and then I'm all yours!


Meet and plan

This part is so fun! We'll have a couple more meetings to get to know each other so I can write a super fab and personal script. I'll share my resources with you - including some FUN homework - and we can formulate the structure of your ceremony. 



Once I've finished the script - which incorporates every aspect and minute detail of the ceremony - I'll send it to you to check over. I'm not precious: if you don't like something, just say! This is your special day and I want to make it perfect for you. I'll keep editing 'till the cows come home. 



Ideally, we'll do a rehearsal of the script (this can be online) to iron over any remaining kinks and to see if you're happy with how it flows. This way, you can be super confident that every detail is covered and your ceremony is accurate and authentically you!

Awesome, so you're interested. What now?



I'll rock up around an hour before your ceremony to liaise with any other wedding vendors (wedding coordinator, photographer, videographer etc) to make sure we are all prepped and ready to go. Then, I'll lead and conduct the wonderful ceremony we've worked hard to create together. 


Your wedding ceremony will be one less thing to worry about on the day. Now relax, have fun, and enjoy this unforgettable moment!


Download the enquiry form, fill out your details, and send back to me.

Alternatively, just send an email with all your ceremony info eg, date, time, location etc. 

I'll get back to you as soon as possible xxx

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