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Who the heck am I, and why should you trust me with one of the most important days of your life?

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David Ruff Photography

Hey guys, my name's Jess, and I'm a big soppy git.

As cliche as it sounds, I really do LOVE love. I've got a big heart, and I adore seeing others happy. Although I take my work seriously, I try not to take myself too seriously, and am always game for a laugh.

I've worked professionally as an actor and musician, voiceover artist, drama specialist, Elf (lol), quizmaster, teaching assistant, barmaid, support worker and more! 

I’ve always loved a wedding, and when I got married myself in 2023, my passion for weddings exploded to an all-time high. Not wanting to leave that high behind, I decided to become a wedding celebrant. I can't imagine a job more fulfilling than helping two beautiful souls come together to declare their eternal love and commitment to one another… How gorgeous!



I believe everyone deserves to be loved - without fear of judgement or oppression - and a wedding is the epitome of love. It is the chance for you to declare how awesome your partner makes you feel, why they are so damn awesome, and why you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Love is what it's all about.

In case you're wondering what's going on in this picture... Yes that is me on my wedding day with a cardboard cut-out of Danny DeVito, cuz... why not!?


  • Pub quizzes

  • Eurovision

  • Walking in the hills

  • My dog

  • The sea

  • Going to gigs/shows

  • Cups of tea

  • Playing board games

  • Charity shop crawls

  • Leopard print

  • New Girl

  • Music

  • Crafting

  • Exploring new places

  • Espresso martinis

  • Watching reality TV to melt my brain

  • Meeting new people

  • Knitting

  • Pizza

  • Avoiding housework

  • Finding a bargain!

... and much more!



  • Equality 

  • Kindness

  • Tolerance

  • Fairness

  • Respect

  • Sustainability

Basically, I try to be a decent human being and I like others who do the same :)

I also believe in a thing called love (hehe).

Flower Composition


I bloody love music and the transformative and healing powers it has. It can set the scene, transport you to another time and place, move you, and bring people together like nothing else. Who doesn't love cutting a few shapes on the dance floor and singing your heart out to an absolute tune?!

Music is my passion, and growing up, my musical tastes have ranged from pop, indie, r’n’b, pop-punk, ska, acoustic, electronic, dance, folk-pop, neo-soul… The list goes on!


I've sang for as long as I can remember, and after studying Psychology at the University of Edinburgh, I did a Masters in Musical Theatre at a fabulous drama school in Guildford (GSA). I’ve enjoyed treading the boards, and have been lucky enough to perform professionally in a few UK tours, including Footloose, in which I acted, sang and danced, as well as played the clarinet, saxophone and keyboard onstage!

I learnt the clarinet at school, and have picked up a couple of other instruments along the way (saxophone, piano, flute, a tiny bit of trumpet) and the ukulele.


I love to write little songs for kids I’ve worked with as a teaching assistant, and have always dabbled in writing my own, more grown-up songs too.

Musical notes with love hearts
Jess holding a ukulele with the backdrop of the beautiful scottish hills


With a passion for music and a background as a professional singer and musician, I can bring a unique touch to every ceremony. 

Perhaps you've always dreamed of having live music as you walk down the aisle? Or even during your ceremony? Or maybe you'd just love to talk to someone about your musical choices? 

I can offer all the above as an additional service. 

I can sing a song of your choice at a moment of your choosing, either with ukulele accompaniment or to a pre-recorded backing track. I could also offer my services as a clarinet player, re-imagining one of your favourite songs on the beautiful instrument.


I’m also incredibly excited to be learning the bagpipes, although I’m definitely at the beginner stage right now (it sounds like I’m strangling a bunch of cats). I’ll let you know once I’m good enough to pipe you down the aisle, but it might take a wee while… Watch this space!

If I Ain't Got You - Alicia Keys
Adore You - Harry Styles
Better Together - Jack Johnson
Singing vids


If you want your ceremony to be truly special, you should choose a celebrant you vibe with (and hopefully that's me!) 

Musical notes with love hearts on a pink background

Open-minded, friendly and caring

Performance background

I’m open-minded, friendly, inclusive, understanding, sensitive, a good listener, and very caring. I know that sounds like a boring list of adjectives but I really am all those things. I genuinely care, and I want to make this day as special for you as possible. I’ll pay close attention to every detail to ensure you have the wedding ceremony of your dreams. I'll be there for you if you need reassurance or advice at any point, putting you at ease and helping you to relax. I promise I won't fudge it up!

My background in music, drama and voice acting has equipped me with the confidence and skills to deliver a cracking performance. Don't worry, I won't steal your limelight, but rest assured I won't be shy and retiring either! I'll deliver your ceremony script confidently, sensitively, with care and style. Think of me as a piece of clay: you can mould me into the type of celebrant you want! If you want your celebrant to have lots of personality and character, or something more subtle and formal, I can deliver on your desires. Whatever you need, I got you!

I just got married!

Having just got married in July 2023, I understand how overwhelming and stressful wedding planning can be! I had a celebrant-led wedding myself, so I have first hand experience of going through the process as a bride. Whatever questions you had, I had them too, but now I also have the answers! As well as being your celebrant, I’d also love to offer you any general wedding tips and advice (if you actually want to hear them of course!)

People person

I love meeting new people, hearing their life and love stories and bringing them to life. Whilst it’s great to bond over shared interests, it doesn’t actually matter whether or not I hold the same beliefs as you. In fact, what I think is completely irrelevant. What’s important is crafting a bespoke, meaningful ceremony that accurately reflects who YOU are, that is respectful to your values and beliefs, and that delivers on your desires. Anything is possible! (And in my eyes, the crazier, the better!)

Jazz Club

And the musical part too!

A celebrant who not only leads your ceremony, but also sings at it? Well that's a bit different! 

As well as creating and leading your personalised ceremony, I can also offer my services as a professional singer, or clarinetist, which will add a unique and memorable element to your special day. 

Also - let's be honest - it'll be cheaper than hiring both a celebrant and a ceremony musician! I know weddings can be crazy expensive, so cutting down costs wherever you can is ALWAYS a good idea!

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